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More comfort, bigger savings

Get home to your favourite temperature every day
You can set your AC to run on a set schedule, or even make it switch on as soon as you’re on the way home. Never again find your home too hot or cold when you return

Save up to 25% on energy costs
AirPatrol can turn off your AC when your desired temperature is reached, or as soon as you leave the house. It’ll save you money on your bills and could end up paying for itself in as little as 18 months

AirPatrol APP

Save up to 30% on energy costs

When you leave home or sleep, turning heat pump temperature down will provide significant savings on energy

AirPatrol APP

Set schedules for more comfort

You can set 4 schedules for each day to automate your home heating / cooling


Notifications for more peace of mind

Set and receive notifications when temperature or humidity at home is getting too low or too high. Know when it is time to service the heat pump


Use multiple controllers from the same app

Just swipe left - right to change the controllers form the app. 


Easy to start, easy to use

Set up and get started in minutes
It’s extremely easy to set up the controller as it’s already pre-programmed. You just need to plug it in near your AC or heat pump, install the free AirPatrol app, then pair up your device

Fits your AC or heat pump straight out of the box
It works with more than 10,000 different AC and heat pump models with new ones being added all the time. You can then control it on any smartphone via the Android or iOS app

Tell your AC what to do
The AirPatrol unit connects to Alexa or Google Home to let you control everything with your voice. No need to get up out your chair, or even press a button. You can even set up IFTTT 

Technical specifications

Commands to AC / heat pump

• ON / OFF

• Function setting, DRY / COOL / HEAT / AUTO

• Set temperature, 10 - 30 °C

• Set fan speed, AUTO / MIN / NORM / MAX

• Swing mode, AUTO / OFF

• Low heat mode*, 5 -15 °C

Information displayed

• AC / heat pump function, fan speed & swing mode

• Desired & current room temperature & humidity

• Connection status & controller uptime

• Local weather report

• WiFi network

• Firmware version


• Room temperature is too low / high

• Room humidity is too low / high

• Connection is lost

• About service time

Additional features

• Scheduled events - calendar based commands

• Control multiple AC's / heat pumps in one smartphone app

• Auto-update to latest software

• User specific settings, alarms etc.


• Model AirPatrol WiFi V3

• Product code APW3EU

• Power 230 V / 50 Hz

• Adapter Standard micro USB (1A)

• Product size (H x L x W) 16 x 86 x 86 mm

• Box size (H x L x W) 41 x 185 x 113 mm

• Weight (without adapter) 40 g

• Box Weight 200 g

* Depending on heat pump model

Best compatibility on the market

Works with all ACs and heat pumps that have a remote control with LCD and mode option

Tested to work with Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Midea, Gree, Samsung, LG, Altech, AlpicAir, Mitsubishi Heavy, Toshiba, Bosch, Electrolux, Hitachi, Sharp, Fuji, Altech, Pioneer, Canvac, Argo, Friedrich, Aux, Hisense, Dantex, MDV, Comfort-Aire, Senville, Pridion, Lessar, Tosot, Innova, Invest Living, Skyworth, Trane, Franke Carrier, Ambista Electric + many others.

All codes are built in, no need to teach or record any settings.

Check your AC model

Package includes

AirPatrol WiFi controller

Micro USB charger

USB power plug

User manual

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