Quality & history

AirPatrol is based in Tallinn, Estonia. All AirPatrol products are fully developed and manufactured in Estonia which guarantees very high quality, exceeding EU standards. AirPatrol controllers have been thoroughly tested for several years in harsh Scandinavian conditions with very positive feedback from customers.


This is the short story about AirPatrol.

It all began in 2011 when a couple of bright minded Estonian entrepreneurs were facing a problem having multiple different air conditioners and remote controllers. It was clear that many different local remote controllers are not enough to satisfy the need of modern people. There had to be a solution that could control many ac’s with one controller and at the same time do it remotely – outside the house, from longer distances. So the problem to solve was: I want to have an AC at my summerhouse by the lake in the woods. I want to control it from my home or when I am on the way to summerhouse. I do not have internet; I might have some weak cellular network. Plus, I want to know if my summerhouse is surviving the winter cold.


Well, this was a challenging task even for bright minded Estonians. It took a year to make this happen. Local Estonian engineers were gathered to develop a controller for air conditioners. Then a small factory was set up. AirPatrol Nordic was born.

2012 business began. The aim was to sell 1000 controllers on local markets. All key benefits were included – a GSM based controller with SIM card slot that has all locally sold ACs IR codes preinstalled and had a temperature sensor built inside. It did not take long for AC and heat pump businesses to realise the possibilities that this kind of new product could use.
Shortly over 5000 units were sold and the demand grew. People realised that they could save money on energy while making their old AC units smart, remotely controllable.

Some market leading AC and heat pump producers saw the opportunity and co-work began. From successful co-operation AirPatrol Nordic for Daikin was born. Not too long after AirPatrol and NIBE signed a contract to produce controllers. Plus many other great brands were interested and different co-operations were done. Like Combi Control for Toshiba.

Years and numbers were climbing, more people got internet at their summer houses and also people wanted to have this kind of control not only in summer/winter houses but at their homes too.

This led to development of AirPatrol WiFi in 2014. This controller had now some extra market-leading benefits. Not only could it control thousands of air conditioners / heat pumps and measure temperature and send notifications about home environment to users. It could also measure and report humidity, update its software remotely, send push notifications and had a special radio communication chip inside for future developments.

As AirPatrol Nordic was fully developed and produced in Estonia, AirPatrol WiFi followed the same path. Regarding design, people were asked to share their ideas to make it perfect.

2015 AirPatrol SmartSocket production began. This product was made to solve the problem when people have air conditioner and electrical heaters and/or electrical boiler too. Wouldn’t it be nice to have control over all of these devices with just a simple smartphone app.

The task was of course challenging. How to make a very good looking, compact and sleek new SmartSocket that could stand out in the tough competition. 3 key elements were to be followed: Performance – it just has to work and also capable of high power (3000W); User experience – it has to be easy, understandable and enjoyable; Design – it has to look better than any other. All these elements in mind AirPatrol SmartSocket was developed. Again fully developed and produced in Estonia. This product was by far the most complex to develop and build in the history of AirPatrol products.

Mesh radio network, 3000W power, LED circle power indicator, hidden button, compact design that exceeds safety standards – these are just some of the challenging features that this SmartSocket has.

In the end of 2014 AirPatrol started the most complex and demanding project to date – AirPatrol SmartHeat. The development of a truly new control system for water based underfloor heating took over 2 years. Again the aim was not to just create a controller – there are many of those on the market already. The task as always has been was to make sophisticated things easy for users. It had to be the most advanced, easy to install, super easy and convenient to use system for homes with underfloor heating.

2016 – AirPatrol SmartHeat was born.

Wireless room thermostats with LED backlight, radio communication, special click buttons, infrared (wireless) floor temperature sensor, etc. These are some keywords for the SmartHeat RoomUnit. Everything was made from scratch.

SmartHeat ControlUnit – over 1000 components put together in perfect order to create our smartest all-in-one heating control unit with best user experience via RoomUnits, smartphone or web application.