Smarter Controllers For Smarter Heat Pumps

As technology continues to improve the AirPatrol team is constantly working to evolve our products to fit our customers' needs. The way people live also changes with technology, with the biggest example being the use of automated or smart homes. Which now allows people to control their home more efficiently and effectively.

To make sure we can keep up with the times we’ve added some new features to the AirPatrol line that allows our users more control, automation and flexibility to control their home climate.

Voice Control With Google Assistant & Alexa

With the addition of Alexa and Google Assistant you can now control your AC or Heat Pump with voice commands from your home. 

Setting up you AirPatrol device to Alexa or Google assistant is easy and takes a few steps depending on the voice control service you will be using. Just follow the instructions here and you’ll be on your way to voice controlling your home climate.

Create Automatons With IFTTT

Although this is not a brand new feature we wanted to remind you of the option and availability to to combine your heat pump or AC with IFTTT. By connecting to IFTTT you can connect you AirPatrol device to our pre-made automations or create your own from scratch. 

You can set up these triggers based on temperature, geo-location, voice control (Alexa and Google Assistant) and much more. 

Connecting with IFTTT is the perfect solution to make your heat pump and home even smarter while saving energy and money at the same time.

New Support For 100’s of AC’s

We’ve added support for new AC’s to our already expansive list of supported models. You can view the full list here.

Over 10 000 AC's and heat pumps with an IR remote can be used with AirPatrol WiFi by manually programming your AirPatrol device to match your AC or Heat Pump. This means that AirPatrol can be matched with practically any AC device in the world making it one of the most versatile Smart AC Controllers on the market.

What's next

We have a lot of projects in our pipeline and continue to provide updates and new features for you based on feedback, requests and technology available. There is also potential for an optional subscription based service that would add more features and services to your current app functionality.

We are always looking for your feedback and suggestions for future features. Please submit them here

With best,

Daniel and the AirPatrol Team