AirPatrol has been granted development funds for 329k€ / 3,3M SEK

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) - an Estonian governmental agency that supports business model development and innovation acceleration - has approved grants for a development Project for AirPatrol OU - a fully owned subsidiary of Ngenic AB (publ). 
The scope of the Project is to further harmonize and synchronize AirPatrol and Ngenic product families and provide better features to its customers and users.

“With the extra funding, we can accelerate the ongoing AirPatrol and Ngenic solutions integrations.” says Daniel Dordett, CEO AirPatrol OU.

During the 18-months project, due in Q3/2023, the companies will undergo a higher and deeper level of product development in order to update both hardware and software solutions.

“As a result, Ngenic and AirPatrol will have new and more competitive products to tackle Grid congestion challenges, high energy prices and the transformation into a sustainable energy systems which are increasingly causing problems for industries, corporations, and cities that no longer can expand businesses, create jobs, or housing development.” concludes Björn Berg, CEO Ngenic AB.

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Funded by the Union in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Response.