AirPatrol Launches New Mobile App Design


AirPatrol has long been known as an industry-leading titan of smart heat pumps and A/C controllers. 

Since 2012 when the AirPatrol Nordic launched, we’ve allowed users to control their heat pumps remotely via their mobile phones from anywhere in the world. The most significant benefit at the time for our Nordic users was that you could check and maintain your remote cabin without WiFi during those long, cold winters.

A lot has changed since then. AirPatrol has improved upon the initial designs, added new products, and continues to strive to offer the best in class heat pump controllers we are widely known for. We continue to add new features, update styles and designs, and always keep our customers’ needs at the forefront of our minds.

In 2020 we launched a slew of new features and updates with more planned to come at the end of the year. We continue our focus on being top of the class in the smart AC industry.

Here are just a few:

Fresh Mobile App Design

We went back to the drawing board and came out with a completely redesigned and refreshed mobile application to control your heat pump(s) using either the AirPatrol WiFi or Nordic units. 

Our new app fits on the new, almost border-less screen types that provide a visually aesthetic look while giving you full control over your home climate from your mobile phone.

Full Functionality All On One Screen

We’ve made it super easy to get a complete overview of your heat pump settings and options on our home screen. 

Right from the beginning, you have a complete overview of your home’s climate, including temperature and humidity.

Here you can:

  • Turn your heat pump On/Off
  • Adjust the temperature in your home
  • Change the heat pump settings available per the model
  • Add favorites - settings, timers, etc
  • Create and add preset settings
  • Add programmable timers for automation and energy savings
  • Add customized notifications based on temperature, humidity, connection, and service length
  • Local weather information
  • View all settings for the mobile app and your own heat pump unit.

Create A Group

If you have multiple heat pumps or Air Conditioners in your home that you’d like to control with the same settings, you can now do this with the AirPatrol Group option. You can add as many heat pump units as you would like within your group, keep them the same temperature, turn on/off, and have the same notifications, timers, and more.

Furthermore, you still can control multiple heat pumps individually if you need those at different temperatures and other settings. 

Sign In With Google, Facebook or email

It is now easier than ever to sign up and register for AirPatrol using your Facebook or Google account. Simply click on the preferred account button on the login screen, select your account, and you are ready to go.

If you get logged out or want to add your account to a new device, you can log in using the same connected account.

If you don’t have one of these accounts or just prefer to log in using your email address, this option is always available. 

Along with these options, you can now transfer your account and saved information to a new phone instead of logging in and starting over from scratch, as was the previous case.

You can even use AirPatrol without an account. You will not be able to save or transfer your heat pumps to a new phone and lose out on some other excellent features in the app.

Invite Users To Your Account

This is the perfect feature for families and visiting guests. You can now invite additional users to your account and give them permission to adjust the temperature per their preferences. Simply add their email, and a link will be sent to them with an invitation to download the AirPatrol mobile app and start controlling your heat pump from anywhere.

All In One Solution

You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened to make sure we give you the easiest and best all-around experience with our products. Whether you like to control your home’s climate daily or just want to set it and forget it, we are working to provide you with the tools you need to make your life just a little bit easier while simultaneously saving you money and energy. 

What's next

We have a lot of projects in our pipeline and continue to provide updates and new features for you based on feedback, requests and technology available. There is also potential for an optional subscription based service that would add more features and services to your current app functionality.

We take this very carefully and with utmost seriousness, but some of the features require quite extensive development and testing before they are released. We will continue to keep you updated upon any changes. 

We are always looking for your feedback and suggestions for future features. Please submit them here

With best,

Daniel and the AirPatrol Team